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Perching here and gathering my thoughts ...

Goodbye darling Angelina

28 July 2009 ~ 17:18

We had our little girl Angelina put to sleep on Friday. She really didn't seem OK, was fluffed up and wet underneath, though she did drink some milk that morning. And she smelt funny. All the vet could offer was painkillers, but she wasn't sure what was wrong, if it was pneumonia or what. If it was, I don't know that pain relief would help. Mark & I talked it over and we didn't know how we'd get the painkillers down her as she wouldn't even take her antibiotics, so we decided euthanasia was the best thing. But I still feel guilty..

Angelina had fought a battle with pneumonia for over three weeks, and at first responded well to treatment. I tried her on Ceporex, instead of the Synulox that I had used on several other rats with the same condition. Both are palatable drops, banana flavour with Synulox and orange flavour with Ceporex.

Angelina was so bad when we first realised she was sick that she had sticky fluid coming out of her mouth. After an injection of Ceporex, she was better three hours later. We gave her another shot the next day, then a 10 day course of Ceporex liquid drops. After this, we tried not treating at all and at first she was OK. But she had to go back on the meds a week later and went gradually downhill from there, eventually refusing to swallow the Ceporex.

Angelina was a lovely girl who loved to brux and we'll miss her loads. Mark thinks she never got over the death of her sister Pancake. She enjoyed new companion Roxy's company but still pined for her sis. Now Roxy is alone we need to get her new cagemates. I hope they'll make as wonderful pets as Angelina.

Angelina - 22nd February 2008 to 24th July 2009.

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