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Welcome Courcelle & Breeze

06 August 2009 ~ 17:20

These are our two new rat girls Breeze & Courcelle. My mum named Breeze after a baby elephant on a wildlife documentary, and Courcelle is a name Mark has wanted to use for a female rat for ages. It’s actually the name of a Metro station in Paris.

Breeze is a black roan and Courcelle is a champagne. Both are huskies. Roxy accepted them without much fuss and now all three live happily together in the big rat condo. We might have a bit of trouble telling Roxy & Courcelle apart when Courcelle gets as big as Roxy, although at the moment Roxy’s champagne parts are darker than Courcelle’s.

Courcelle is much more outgoing than Breeze and loves to dash about exploring, and she’ll wrestle with Roxy. Breeze is more cautious. She’s timid but beginning to discover things and getting bolder. We are proud of all three girls.

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