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Holiday in Grand Cayman

12 November 2007 ~ 11:59

On 2nd November, my mother & I flew to Grand Cayman, a British island in the Caribbean, a few hundred miles from Cuba and Jamaica. It is a very small island only 22 miles long and 8 miles wide at the longest points.

We stayed at the Comfort Suites on the famous Seven Mile Beach, and it was a lovely hotel. We even had an extra large room (we'd booked a studio but there was only a double bed rather than twin beds, so when I complained the receptionist gave us a deluxe suite with two double beds. I guess they don't have singles). There was a pool downstairs, a large hot tub and a bar called Stingers which served nice food.

The whole time we were there it was very humid, but only a couple of days were sunny. We did lots of shopping in the American-style strip malls along West Bay Road, visited the Turtle Farm, walked along the beach, and relaxed by the pool. The highlight of the holiday for me though, and the whole reason I'd chosen Grand Cayman, was our visit to Stingray City.

The friendly rays on a sandbar love being fed by visitors and there are many companies who specialise in boat trips out to Stingray City so that people can scuba dive, snorkel or just stand in the shallowest 3 foot deep water and pet these beautiful, much misunderstood animals.

Unfortunately the day we chose to make our trip, Sunday 4th November, though it was sunny, it was windy and the sea was very choppy. Not enough to cancel the trip, but enough that my mum didn't dare get in, as waves kept lapping up quite high. I, on the other hand, was first in, and though I took in plenty of sea water in mouth, nose and eyes, I was able to feed, stroke, pet, hold and even kiss a stingray (which is supposed to give one seven year's good luck)!

On our boat there was a videographer so I was fortunate enough to get the whole experience on DVD. Well worth the money!
I can't wait to go again!

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