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Perching here and gathering my thoughts ...

Goodbye Destiny

09 September 2010 ~ 17:30

Destiny 2nd September 2008 to 6th October 2010

We had to say goodbye to our darling girl Destiny on Monday. She had battled illness for a couple of weeks and kept fighting but in the end her little body was giving out. The vet said she had lots of fluid in her abdomen and possible liver and kidney failure. She appeared distressed and clingy toward me, and had lost interest in food (usually she was a real foodie).

With her big ears and cuddly frame she made a big impression and was a big hit with Mark & I. And she made her 2nd birthday, which many rats don't. In fact her birthday was just 4 days before she died, but she felt reasonably well that day. She loved to collect and store food, particularly small dog bones, and running around with them gave her good exercise. AND she could fit two bones in her mouth at once, which Breeze cannot manage.

Here she is with her little Smartie birthday cake. God Bless you Destiny.

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