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Perching here and gathering my thoughts ...

Celebrity chef puts his Wellington boot in it

26 August 2003 ~ 17:08

According to today’s London Metro newspaper, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has bought himself a shotgun and intends to take up shooting to supply his own game for his restaurant.

Well, bully for him. Maybe someone ought to tell him that there are already far more game birds shot in Britain than can be eaten. Many are merely buried. It’s a crying shame because it proves what animal rights campaigners have known all along—these idiots kill purely for the sake of killing.

To my mind, it is a ridiculous hypocrisy that says you can’t own a handgun in your home to defend yourself against intruders, but you can own a shotgun and blast innocent birds from the sky. Don’t get me wrong—I don’t believe people should have handguns, but neither should they have rifles. If you’re going to ban guns, ban them. Don’t faff about and say you can’t have them, but ... A lunatic going mad in a school can just as easily be a Wellington boot-wearing landowner with a previously clean record, you know.

As for Oliver, as if it’s not bad enough having to put up with his ‘cheeky cockney charm’ on the over-shown Sainsbury’s supermarket advertisements (please go here to read what my hubby once wrote re: these commercials), but now he’s turned to blood sports too.

On topical news quiz show, Have I Got News For You, they just about summed up Oliver correctly. When asked to guess a famous annoying female singer one of the panellists guessed Jamie Oliver. ‘But,’ replied the host, ‘he’s not female. And he’s not a singer.’

‘Yes,’ answered the panellist, ‘but he is f***ing annoying!’

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