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Perching here and gathering my thoughts ...

Victoria Aussies should ban jump racing

04 June 2009 ~ 13:55

I admit I had my hopes up for a while. Horse racing involving jumping was suspended in the Australian state of Victoria after a spate of equine deaths, and animal rights campaigners hoped the state would follow the example set by New South Wales and ban it altogether.

Making horses jump is cruel and not something horses tend to do naturally. Any horse who is injured is immediately killed. Plus the jumps are made frighteningly high.

Apparantly, jump racing in Australia is not as big as it is in Ireland and the UK, and the horses used are failed flat racers. In other words, they are not properly trained jumpers. Which makes the whole thing even worse.

A couple of years ago Mark & I joined a protest outside betting shops against the UK's biggest jump race, The Grand National. I'd still like to see jump racing banned in the UK. Unfortunately there is money in it, and some human beings will always put money above the welfare of animals.

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