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Perching here and gathering my thoughts ...

Welcome Lilac & Feather

01 December 2010 ~ 15:06

On Saturday we aquired two new baby rats (kittens) aged 8 weeks old. They are sister litter mates and both girls. We have named them Lilac & Feather. Lilac is a colour called Lavender and Feather is a colour called Mink. We've had Mink rats before but not Lavender.

Both girls are settling in well. They are living seperately to Courcelles & Breeze but the two groups have met each other and in the evenings they all have playtime together. We hope in a week or two to move the kittens in with the adults.

Lilac & Feather are both very well socialised and are happy to be picked up and played with. They are extremely lively and I think Courcelles & Breeze would say they are a pain in the neck! But I'm sure in the end they will all be one big happy family of ratties.

Here is a photo of the newcomers.

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