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Perching here and gathering my thoughts ...

Star's Birthday/National Gallery

08 May 2007 ~ 14:16

We had a little party for Star's first birthday on Saturday. She had cards, a present of some nice white chocolate buttons, and a lovely Angelina Ballerina birthday cake. All the girls enjoyed the cake which was delicious from Marks & Spencers.

On Monday, a holiday in the UK, Mum & I went to The National Gallery. I wanted to see the Renaissance paintings so we headed to the gallery for European Painting 1250 - 1500.

The paintings were beautiful. Most were religious, with some portraits and illustrations of Greek mythology, as these were the main subjects of the time. My favourite picture was The Nativity At Night by GEERTGEN tot sint jans. A painting set at night was quite unusual then although these days we associate the Nativity scene as being a night scene. The light radiating from the baby Jesus and the look of wonderment on the cow's face as he stares at the manger really make the picture stand out.

Unfortunately Mum & I got told off by a 'Jobsworth' who had a go at me for pointing at one of the paintings, even though I came nowhere near to touching it. We filled out complaint forms about him.

It was a nice day out considering it was free entry!

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