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Perching here and gathering my thoughts ...

Plastic bag dilemma

10 March 2008 ~ 14:30

Recently in the UK, the free plastic bags that shops give out to customers have been big news. As these bags take thousands of years to degrade, they are seen as an environmental plague. Shops in other countries have already stopped giving them away, or switched to paper bags.
Personally I don't believe in issuing paper bags instead. That's stupid because it uses causes lots more trees to be cut down and anyway, as I found out shopping in Ireland, when it rains your purchases get soaked (the same goes for cotton shopper bags).

No, I agree, get rid of the free cheap plastic bags that just get thrown away, but let the customer choose either to not be given a bag at all, or pay a reasonable sum to receive one of the reusable plastic bags, the sturdier kind. At the moment here they charge 10p for them (about 20c). That could be increased to 20p or even 25p.

I do try to remember to put one or two of these in my handbag when I go shopping. If I thought I couldn't get a 'free' carrier, it would no doubt help me to remember more often.

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