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Perching here and gathering my thoughts ...

Ratties young and old

14 August 2007 ~ 11:05

I'd like to introduce two very special ratties, one very young and one very old. Both are very beautiful does, though one is sadly no longer with us.

I am a member of a really great forum for rat lovers, www.fancy-rats.co.uk, which is where I came across these sweet girls as well as many others. But these two stuck out and I saved their pictures on my PC.

This is Feta. She had to be put to sleep at around three months old due to problems with absorption of her food. She was unfortunately losing weight and couldn't regain it. But she was a sweet, fun loving girl who never let her problems interfere with the job in hand of being a young, adventurous little rat.

This is Pheebs. At 32 months old, she is a very senior ratty, but she looks fantastic for her age and her big beautiful eyes really draw you in. Pheebs has only half a tail, needs her bottom washing twice daily, but is still full of zest for life. She's living proof that rats can and do live well beyound two years.

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