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Perching here and gathering my thoughts ...

Happy 2nd birthday, Sapphire

12 September 2008 ~ 11:03

Our oldest girl Sapphire was 2 on 10th September. We celebrated her birthday on the 4th though as my mum (her nan) was down staying with us following a short break her & I took to Nice.

Two is old for a rat. Many don't make it due to being sick. Sapphy's own sister Mary didn't make it.

But Sapphire herself seems to be doing really well. She's HUGE but still very quick on her feet, loves her food, and gets on great with her two new 'sisters' Pancake & Angelina.

Here is a photo of Sapphy with her 'present' birthday cake. She looks so cute! May you still have lots of life left in you, Darling.

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