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Victory for the seals!

06 May 2009 ~ 13:23

Great news!

Yesterday, the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly in favour of a total ban on trade in seal products. Seal products will no longer be allowed to be traded in the EU.

As Europe has been the market for Canadian seal products, supporters of the seals hope it will lead to the end of the cruel and barbaric seal cull in Canada.

Just the threat of an imminent ban had the sealers running scared this year, with 57,622 seals slaughtered compared to the quota of 338,200.

No doubt the sealers will look for other markets, and the Canadian government is STILL defending the seal cull, claiming it will cause 'loss of income for many Canadian families.' Boo-fucking-hoo!

We must remain vigilant and keep up the boycott of Canadian seafood products, which has so far resulted in a loss of $750 million Canadian in exports of snow crab to the USA.

The champagne will remain on ice until the cull is over for good, but we can allow ourselves a pat on the back for this EU ban. Maybe one day the Canadian seal cull will truly be history.

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