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Taking squirrels' fingerprints

21 July 2008 ~ 17:00

On our recent visit to Boston, I was surprised to find out that the US Immigration requirement for foreigners had increased from two fingerprints to all ten of the buggers! Mark & I were joking that they might use them to plant fingerprints at a crime scene and then have me extradited under the program Tony Blair eagerly signed up to, whereby anyone the US wants, we Brits HAVE to send over, but they don’t have to send any body WE want.

So I’m half expecting that any day I’ll get a visit from the CIA accusing me of blowing up the truck of a squirrel hunter or being part of the ‘Squirrel Nut Terrorist Brigade.’ !

I wonder if they take Gordon Brown’s fingerprints when he comes to the US. I’d love to see them doing it to Her Majesty The Queen.

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