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Perching here and gathering my thoughts ...

Star 2nd May 2006 to 5th February 2008

06 February 2008 ~ 15:12

Yesterday we had to have poor little Star, our eldest rat girl put to sleep. Since Sunday she had been very unwell, sides heaving struggling to breathe, not eating and very agitated. I took her to the vets that night where she was treated with an antibiotic called Ceporex and put in an oxygen tank. She stayed at the vets Sunday and Monday night. They gave her Metacam, an anti inflammatory, and another antibiotic to combat the mycoplasma infection. She had to be syringe fed every two hours.

However she failed to get better so we had to make the dreadful decision to euthanase her. My friend Jane came with me for moral support as Mark couldnít be there. I arrived early and was able to spend some quality time with Star while waiting for Jane. She seemed really pleased to see her mummy, groomed herself and bruxed Ė
however when I offered her a little white chocolate which she LOVES, she wouldnít take it.

I always insist on an injection in the scruff of the neck to render them virtually unconscious before the final jab in the belly. She took a while to go, but she passed very peacefully and didnít seem to feel the final jab even as much as the neck one (I donít like gas over the face as they panic and Iíd hate that). I stroked and kissed her as she passed and told her how much she was loved.

I firmly believe she has gone to be with her sister Honey, and old cagemate Fudge. I can imagine them all having a lick of Guinness right now (their favourite drink). Weíll miss her so much and so will Mary & Sapphire. I showed them Starís body and they sniffed her very interestedly, and I think they were upset but they at least understood that she hadnít just disappeared.

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