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Sugar Bush - Superstar Squirrel

08 March 2007 ~ 10:08

On 23rd February, Mark & I flew to Miami, on a mission to meet the furry superstar, Sugar Bush Squirrel, in Boca Raton.

We were met at Arrivals by Kelly Foxton, mommy to Sugar Bush, having adopted her when she blew out of a tree during a hurricane. Kelly is a glamourous blonde former singer, and she and Sugar Bush Squirrel make a striking duo of entertainers.

Kelly drove us straight to our hotel, then after unpacking, we finally got to meet Sugar Bush and her sister, the blue conure Rio, as well as Drew, Kelly's husband, and Mae, her mum.

Sugar Bush Squirrel lives in comparative luxury. She has a huge cage in an air conditioned room, a fresh baby blanket every day, her own large nest box, lots of toys, and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as nuts for treats. She loves to play peekaboo behind the nest box and she has an antler to satisfy her gnawing needs. She also gets to spend time outside the cage.

Sugar Bush Squirrel has literally hundreds of outfits. You name it, she has had her picture taken in that outfit. A witch, a bride, Britney Spears, Captain Kirk... She recently dressed as the cutest bee in an ad campaign for Seattle public transport.

Kelly made a great host and drove us wherever we wanted to go. We visited Palm Beach Zoo, The Sports Immortals Museum, shopping, a bar in Delray Beach called 'Bostons on the Beach' (a treat for Mark) as well of course as spending some time relaxing by the hotel pool getting a tan (it was near 80F most days). Mark also tried his hand at playing the piano (Drew is a musician). You'd never have thought he was a beginner from the way he played!

All in all it was a brilliant holiday and we hope to go back again one day.

Here is a picture of Kelly, Sugar Bush & I. Sugar Bush is wearing a red sweater that was on a cat doll I bought for Kelly from Harrods.

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