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Our ten year anniversary trip to Sweden

08 October 2008 ~ 12:05

Mark & I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary last Friday with a three-day trip to Gothenburg, Sweden. It was our first visit to any Scandanavian country so we were pretty excited and the flights were very cheap at only £25 each. Gosh, I can hardly believe it's been ten whole years!

We stayed at a hotel about a 25 minute walk from the city's Central Station, called the Spar Hotel. Although rated a three star, it was actually much nicer than we had imagined. It was very plush, with a bar, terrace, games room and sauna/solarium, huge breakfast room and very nice bedrooms with wooden floors.

Though we didn't have time to explore a lot as we were staying only two nights, we did visit a very nice park right by Central Station, which had a large palm house, English garden, swings, fountains and a café. The 'palmhaus' is reputedly modeled on the Crystal Palace after which our home area of London is named.

There was also a huge shopping centre (mall) called the Nordstram which we had fun exploring. The souvenir shops are full of moose-themed goods (mooses inhabit the countryside in Sweden though of course being in the city, we didn't see any). My sister-in-law loves moose so I was able to get her some gifts. Mark doesn't like shopping, being a typical man, but he was content to hang out in the coffee bar, pubs and restaurants in the mall.

We did our grocery shopping in a Swedish supermarket called Netto (which they also have in the UK), though I made the mistake of buying a carton of milk that turned out to be yoghurt. Culture shock!

All in all it was a very pleasant break and a memorable one. Here's to the next ten years of happy marriage!

Below is a photo of me in front of the palmhaus in the park.

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