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Perching here and gathering my thoughts ...

Michael Jackson's last headlines

28 June 2009 ~ 22:27

I was sad to hear about the death of Michael Jackson aged only 50 a few days ago. As the artist with the biggest selling album EVER, (Thriller), he is unlikely to be forgotten. He will hold his place alongside Elvis and John Lennon in the late superstars' hall of fame.

My favourite Michael Jackson tracks were 'I Want You Back' which he did with the Jackson Five, and 'Ben,' a beautiful song which I love because it's about a rat and reminds me of a rat I once had called Ben. And 'One Day in Your Life' will absolutely always remind me of working as a strawberry picker in Norfolk during the school holidays when I was around 14.

Of course Michael was known not just for his music but equally for his big production music videos. Thriller paved the way for the modern mega budget epic and certainly went a very long way towards promoting MTV in the 1980s.

In some ways, despite his fame and success, Michael Jackson was a tragic figure. Having lost out on a proper childhood, he seemed to spend the whole of his adult life trying to recreate it. Although most people would agree that he looked stunning around about the time of Thriller, he continued an unceasing round of cosmetic treatments including nose jobs and skin bleaching, ending up with a thin pixie-ish snub nose and a ghostly complexion. He was heavily in debt from a shopping addiction and both his marriages failed. But he still retained a naive optimism and all his friends remained fiercely loyal.

I hope in death Michael can acheive the happiness that despite all his fame and money, in life eluded him.

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