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Perching here and gathering my thoughts ...

Abused mice put to death

20 April 2010 ~ 17:32

There are some really sick people about. Apparently on a raid on a 'bestiality farm' in the US run by convicted drug smuggler Douglas Spink, not only dogs and horses but pet mice were found. Those poor innocent mice had had their tails cut off and were covered in vaseline and tied with string. The mice were euthanised.

Child pornography and bestiality images were found at the compound, and British tourist, Stephen Clarke, has admitted bestiality offences.

After what they had been through, the least the authorities could do would surely have been to try and rehome the abused mice. The offenders won't get the death penalty so why should the innocent victims? I only hope the dogs and horses weren't euthanised too.

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