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Perching here and gathering my thoughts ...

Air conditioning in UK wasteful and unnecessary

28 October 2009 ~ 12:03

Iím getting a bit fed up of going into pubs and restaurants to find the air conditioning on full blast when itís not even remotely warm outside, let alone hot. The UK has a temperate climate and realistically there are about 15 days a year when air conditioning is really desirable. To illustrate this, itís worth pointing out that virtually NO private houses in this country have AC, even the large mansions of the rich donít.

Our office is the same. We managed for years with no air conditioning by simply opening the windows if it was hot, then a couple of years ago the building was refurbished and an air cooling system installed. It now blasts icy air at us for seemingly 9 months of the year.

What a colossal waste of energy all this is. At a time when people are becoming more environmentally savvy and we are told to be economical in our use of resources, more and more public buildings and businesses are installing air conditioning and using it when totally unnecessary.

It sounds overbearing but I feel maybe the Government needs to act, and the use of AC banned except on days designated to be hot enough. Itís a lot of power to give a Government, but obviously businesses are incapable or unwilling to regulate themselves and we must do something if we are to reduce our emissions and save the planet.

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