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Perching here and gathering my thoughts ...

Break-in drama

12 February 2007 ~ 23:58

I got home on Wednesday after attending the funeral of my friend's mum, to find my upstairs neighbour fixing the street door. "Looks like someone tried to kick it in" he muttered. Well, further joy awaited. I got up to our flat and the door was open. Well, nightdragon does sometimes leave it open, but lo and behold, when I went in, I saw the lock was hanging off its hinges. Wonderful!

Of course my first thought was to check the girls were safe. Luckily, they were. But Mark was asleep in bed, so some lowlife had actually kicked the door in and crept in while someone was in!

At first we thought they hadn't taken anything, but then we realised the dragon's rucksack was missing. It had been in the kitchen. My guess is that they realised someone was home, took fright and just grabbed the nearest thing. Otherwise the computer would be gone. It's a laptop and easily transportable.

Well, in the bag, as well as 50 cash (about $100), a 60 new transportation pass, an MP3 player, debit cards and personal stuff, Mark's keys were inside, so we had to get all the locks changed. Luckily we have insurance.

It's been traumatic but the main thing is everybody is safe. And Mark's going to lock himself in when he's home during the day in future.

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