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Perching here and gathering my thoughts ...

Breast milk ice cream

08 March 2011 ~ 13:00

My darling husband has written in his blog about a company who started making ice cream made with human breast milk. The local council banned the company from selling this product and Mark congratulated the council on their decision. What next, he opined, urine and faeces products?

Iím sorry, but what exactly is wrong with selling human milk ice cream? The breast-feeding mothers who donated the milk were handsomely paid and the milk was screened for infection just as human donated blood is. And while some people may not want to try this delicacy due to the Ďickí factor, I see nothing morally wrong with it. We use cow, goat and sheep milk, and even buffalo and camel milk. How can this be considered perfectly acceptable, yet the one type of milk specifically designed for humans to drink somehow isnít? If you donít want to try the product, donít. Nobody is forced to. To ban it is ridiculous, and smacks of just the typical precociousness about the human race that makes people say euthanasia shouldnít be allowed.

Mark also mentioned that he thought perverts would want to try the ice-cream. No Mark, someone who was turned on by the idea of drinking breast milk would want to suck it fresh from the nipple of the lactating lady, not in the form of frozen ice cream. If you ask me, the type of person who might want to partake of this culinary concoction would be more likely to be of the hippy, veggie, tree-hugging variety. In other words, perfectly harmless (I consider myself a bunny hugger).

On this subject, husband and wife must disagree.

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