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BBC balderdash on terrorism

17 September 2007 ~ 11:43

The other Saturday’s episode of ‘Casualty,’ an on-going weekly drama set in a hospital emergency department, once again featured an explosion caused by animal rights activists. This is more-or-less exactly the same plotline of another episode about a year ago.

Do the left-wing-ultra politically-correct-to-the-point-of-inaccuracy BBC really expect people to swallow that the biggest terrorist threat to the UK at the moment comes from animal rights campaigners? Apparently the writers originally had the plot featuring a Muslim bomber, but were made to re-write substituting animal rights activists as the perpetrators. Utter tosh!

Never mind the fact that a Muslim bomber would be more accurate given today’s political climate (God forbid the BBC portray the truth!), there are plenty of other stories the writers could have come up with. Racist or homophobic bombers á la London’s ‘Brixton Bomber’ maybe, or someone with a grudge against the bus company on whose bus the bomb exploded.

Quite frankly if I were the writers I’d have rather pulled the episode than re-write it in such an unbelievable, ridiculous way. The animal rights lobby, of which I consider myself part, has never been into terrorising the public and to make out they do in a BBC TV show is probably just the kind of the thing the government would approve of, the same government who pursue harsh jail sentences for anyone who breaks into an animal lab, while going easy on anyone who plots terror in the name of religion.
Can you smell hypocrisy?

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