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Send cat killer to jail!

27 October 2008 ~ 11:49

A 16-year-old girl who dropped a cat into the river Thames where he drowned, faces up to six months in prison and a £25,000 fine for animal cruelty.

The girl, who was drunk at the time, was with a group of friends on Royal Navy ship HMS Belfast, when they encountered ship’s cat Kilo. A witness saw her drop the cat and she was found guilty, even though her boyfriend tried to take the blame.

I really hope the court does impose the maximum sentence, although in my opinion she should get a year. The lenient system in the UK ensures that, unless you behave badly in jail, you automatically get parole after half your sentence, so to serve six months she needs to get a sentence of one year. Animal cruelty is usually a sign of anti-social behaviour which often leads to crimes against humans as the next step. I wouldn’t be surprised if this girl has assaulted someone in the past, and if not properly punished, she’s likely to do so again. It’s a fact that most serial killers started out by torturing animals.

I hope if she does go to prison (and it’s a travesty of justice if she doesn’t), the other inmates find out what she did and give her a hard time. When I was a child, some bastard yobs hung our cat Dinky. I’d love to have seen them jailed.

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