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Perching here and gathering my thoughts ...

Cutting back

14 December 2007 ~ 12:30

Times are lean in our household right now so we will be having to cut down on all our trips abroad and weekends away in the UK next year. We already have a few planned and just got back from a four day break in Nice. Our next trip is a weekend in Paris on 7th February but the train tickets were only £30 each on a two for the price of one offer.

As well as economising on the number of trips we take, I am cutting back on how much stuff I buy. I have bought hardly any clothes recently. Other things I used to buy a lot of include books, DVDs and plush animals. That is stopping too. And next time we book a trip to Nice we will be staying in a three star hotel instead of the usual four star. To be honest, our last stay wasnít a resounding success. We pay £500 for a stay and they wonít let you use the Jacuzzi when you want? Thatís a total waste of money.

I think that, judging by the scarcity of guests at our Nice hotel, the pre-Xmas sales and decrease in house prices, lots of people are feeling the pinch too. My credit card halved my limit while I was on holiday in Grand Cayman, leaving me maxed out. I may even look for a part time job after Christmas. We are trying to negotiate a promotion at work as we feel we should be better paid, but if that doesnít happen I may need a second job. I did an extra job for four years before and I guess I could do it again. Not in a pub though, I hated that more than I can describe. Mark has been working overtime most Saturdays but this is only available for a couple more months, so he too may seek a second job.

Ah well, as long as I can afford to live and go on a few breaks (Mum said sheíd pay for one break to Nice per year for me) I canít mind sacrificing cinema trips, meals out and shopping for clothes. I have Mark, my mum, the rat girls and the bunny and they are the most important people in my life.

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