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Perching here and gathering my thoughts ...

Welcome Destiny

14 December 2009 ~ 14:03

On Saturday 5th December, I took the train up to Newcastle (3 hours 15 minutes from London!) to pick up a new rat, Destiny. She is a 15 month old Champagne Hooded girl who was looking for a new home because her owner had become allergic to her.

It may seem a long way to go, but I had seen Destiny on the Internet and felt sorry for her. She wasn't getting handled much because of her owner's allergy, and her cage mate Darling had been sick and died from pneumonia.

Introductions went very smoothly with the other girls and they are now all living happily together in the same cage.

Destiny is very sweet natured. She's a little pudgy with very large ears, and she loves food. We are very happy to have her join our little family and hope she will enjoy living with us.

Here she is:

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