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Foxes damned for child attack

14 June 2010 ~ 13:53

There has recently been a story in the papers here in the UK about a couple whose twins were mauled by a red fox who snuck into their house while the door was open. The couple in question have called for a mass cull of foxes as a result.

There are two problems here. One, how can you blame an entire species for the actions of one individual? If a dog attacks a child, only the attacker is put to sleep, not all dogs. If a paedophile rapes a child, we punish the abuser only, not all adult male humans. Once again, castigation of animal species and an entire lack of understanding or sympathy for any species but the 'all important' humans.

Secondly, a complete failure on the part of the family to accept any kind of blame whatsover. To leave a door open with your young children in another room where you cannot see them is foolhardy, and if an animal can sneak in unseen, so could a paedophile. In fact, just this sort of thing happened a couple of years ago in the UK. A paedophile snatched a little girl from the bath while her mother answered the telephone. The poor child was found naked and terrified in an alleyway having been molested.

I've hurt rats in the past through carelessness, and I've accepted that the fault was mine entirely, and tried to be careful in the future. As with the McCanns, whose daughter was snatched from their holiday appartment in Portugal while they dined nearby, this family refuse to even consider that they did anything wrong.

One of the children who was attacked has now returned home, the other is expected to do so within a week, thank goodness. Three foxes have so far been trapped and euthanised in the couple's garden. Two innocents killed just for being in the same place where the deed took place. How many more foxes will die for vengeance?

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