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Perching here and gathering my thoughts ...

Ginger rodents are OK!

08 November 2010 ~ 13:50

Deputy Labour Pary Leader Harriet Harman recently said in a speech that although the Labour Party has many conservationists who love the native British red squirrels, there is one 'ginger rodent' that they do not want to see in the Highlands (of Scotland).

That 'rodent' is Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury (ie a government minister and a rival party to Labour). She is believed to be angry at his part in the government's austerity measures to save money (after the Labour government went on a spending spree with money they had borrowed).

Although Ms Harman is known for her very politically correct views, this time she was completely incorrect. Ginger means red-headed in the UK and people with red hair are often bullied and made fun of. Which is stupid in my opinion. Red hair is lovely and very unusual, but many people are very 'anti-ginger.'

I love Danny Alexander's riposte though. He hit back saying 'I am proud to be ginger, and rodents do valuable work cleaning up the mess others leave behind.'

A reference to rats rather than squirrels but obviously I am a big fan of both so hear hear, Mr Alexander and Bah to you Ms Harman.

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