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Perching here and gathering my thoughts ...

For the love of horses

08 April 2008 ~ 13:22

On Saturday Mark & I took place in a protest against the Grand National, one of the most gruelling horse races in the UK racing calendar, with extremely high fences that lead to an amazing number of fatalities (for the horses of course, not the riders. If it were the jockeys that died it would have been abandoned long ago).

We stood outside a betting shop in Camden, north London, holding up a poster and handing out leaflets. Lots of people were supportive or told us 'I'm only here to bet on the football (soccer).' Others just angered me. Because the National is the most famous race, lots of people who would not otherwise bet on racing, such as young women, will have a 'flutter' as well as work colleagues holding sweepstakes.

We saw lots of couples going into the shop. I couldn't help but think what bimbos they were. That's the problem with society, it's all money and self, self, self. Not a thought for the poor horses.

Of course the Grand National is just one race. Horses are killed all year round. Take a look at the website below to see the number and reason of deaths. And remember this is JUST THE UK!


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