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Perching here and gathering my thoughts ...

Gregg Bassett, President of The Squirrel Lovers Club

20 October 2008 ~ 15:45

On Saturday Mark & I rang Gregg Bassett, 'The Squirrel Man,' and were shocked to find out from his wife Kathy that he died last month from oesophagal cancer. We didn't even know that he had been ill. It apparantly happened quite fast and he was only in hospital for one month.

Gregg was a great ambassador for squirrels, a fun person who we were lucky enough to go to Illinois twice to meet (we live in London, England), and he was always ready with a joke and a funny story. He drove us down to Olney, IL, to see their white squirrel population, and another time drove us to Michigan City to see Twiggy the Waterskiing Squirrel perform.

Happy, his pet squirrel, has gone to live with another family as Kathy did not think she could give Happy the care she deserved, because she prefers men and was very closely bonded to Gregg. The club is also unlikely to carry on as she has a full time job and doesn't know her way around desktop publishing the way her husband did.

Gregg was only 65 and it really does seem that only the good die young. We'll
miss him a lot, he was a good friend and an inspiration to squirrel lovers. RIP The Squirrel Man.

Here's Gregg with another squirrel he once rescued called Arlo.

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