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Perching here and gathering my thoughts ...

Some people are such hypocrites about animal rights

14 May 2008 ~ 17:00

You know, I really get upset about the hypocrisy of some people when it comes to caring about animals.

A colleague recently said ‘We should worry about people first.’ I replied that his attitude is the same as those who object to charities helping children overseas, saying that we should help children in the UK first. The fact is, there are never going to be no British kids in need, so does that mean we should never help overseas kids? The same applies to animals. As there is never going to be no need for human charity, does that mean nobody should care about animals? Sick thugs should be free to boil kittens in microwaves?

The other day there was an article in the paper about a butcher who was creating squirrel pasties from grey squirrels. Some horrible person had written into the letters page to say squirrel are vermin that rob birds’ nests of eggs and young, and strip bark from trees, and he personally had trapped and shot 26 of them.

How self-righteous of him to speak as if an animal feeding itself, doing what it has to do to survive (and only when VERY hungry as they usually eat berries and nuts, helping to disperse them) is the worst crime in the world, and as if humans haven’t done the slightest damage to the environment. The truth is we’ve done more to decimate the planet than all the other animals put together. But if you want to compare to another animal, what about pet cats? They kill hundreds of times more birds than grey squirrels, but I bet he doesn’t trap and shoot them. (Don’t worry, I’m not advocating that).

I soooo hate the “humans are great, we’re perfect, and we’ll pick and choose which other species we’ll ‘allow’ to continue to exist” attitude.

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