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Plucky little piglet

20 August 2007 ~ 11:03

A newborn piglet who fell from a lorry in Debyshire onto a main road was dubbed Jasmine by the RSPCA centre who are hand-rearing her.

A motorist found the Tamworth ginger pig with grazes to her back and just 30 minutes old. It is believed her mother was being transported when she gave birth and Jasmine rolled out of the back of the vehicle.

The RSPCA centre have been inundated with offers of a home for the plucky porker although she cannot be moved at present due to foot and mouth regulations. A staff member who sleeps overnight at the centre has been bottle feeding her through the night.

A farmer has claimed the pig belongs to him. In my opinion anyone who forces a heavily pregnant sow to give birth in the back of a truck does not deserve to keep pigs. I believe Jasmine has earned the right to a life of luxury after such a narrow escape right at the beginning of her life. She deserves to live out her days in a sanctuary, perhaps the Rare Breeds Centre where the famous Tamworth Two also live.

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