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Happy 40th birthday Mark

12 November 2009 ~ 12:33

It was Mark’s 40th birthday on Friday, and he had a special surprise – his mom Barbara & sister Tanya had flown in from Boston the previous night. They stayed in a nearby hotel and in the morning, came to the flat before he got home from his night shift. I had decorated the living room with a big banner saying ‘Happy 40th Birthday Mark,’ two helium birthday balloons with 40 on, and had placed his cards and presents on the table. I’d had a cake specially made by a lady at work with a red dragon on because he adores red dragons.
When he arrived home I called him into the lounge, having left the door slightly ajar so he could see the banner etc. I told him I had a surprise for him and he said he wanted to take off his coat and hat first. He went into the bedroom, but I’m sure he thought the surprise was just the stuff I’d put out.

When he entered the living room, his mom was there, his sister had ducked down and only popped up after he’d seen his mother. He was literally ASTONISHED! He actually said ‘Slap me somebody, I must be dreaming!’ So Tanya did just that!

We had a terrific weekend, had dinner in Mark’s favourite Italian restaurant Friday night, and we were able to show Tanya and Barbara where Mark works, where we shop, the pub where we go on Saturday afternoons, and several British sitcoms on DVD that we love. It went quick – they flew back Monday evening, and Mark was a little depressed the next day. But he enjoyed seeing his family and we sure as hell gave him a 40th he won’t forget. Here he is with his birthday cake:

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