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Perching here and gathering my thoughts ...

Monkey madness in Marrakech

07 October 2009 ~ 14:00

For our 11th wedding anniversary Mark & I went to Marrakech, Morocco. It was very hot, 93 degrees F, and we had a good time lazing by the pool, shopping and sight seeing.

This is Mark & I with some barbary apes in Jemnaa El Fna Square, the main marketplace of the medina or old town. The moneys were very heavy and seemed well looked after. We even saw their keepers washing and brushing them.

In contrast there were some other animals we were rather concerned about. There were a lot of stray cats, kittens and dogs who all seemed terribly thin. We even bought some cat food to feed them but most wouldn't eat it. One or two did. Maybe they just aren't used to dry food.

There were lots of horses pulling carriages of tourists around the city and most (not all) the horses were also extremely thin. On principle I would have chosen a couple of well fed looking horses had we decided to take a ride.

The roads were sooo dangerous to cross, with no pedestrian crossings on the main road Mohammed V (you just had to take your life in your hands and jay walk, or jay run more like), and we saw whole families (Mum, Dad & their child) balanced on one scooter or moped, none wearing crash helmets! It was an interesting trip to say the least!

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