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Perching here and gathering my thoughts ...

Naughty Destiny & new veggie restaurant

28 January 2010 ~ 14:29

Well, Destiny has proved to be a bit of a bully and so we've had to put her in the spare cage! She seems happy with her new living arrangements because this way she can have her own stash of food, as rats like to do, Bless them.

We still let all four girls out to free range together in the evenings, so it's not like she doesn't get chance to socialise with the others anymore. It's just a pity they couldn't all live harmoniously.


On another subject, chef Aldo Zilli is soon to open a vegetarian restaurant in central London, the first 'celebrity' chef to do so. Good for him. He says he recognises that many people realise eating meat and fish uses up more resources than a veggie diet does, and his new eaterie will also try to use local organic produce and recycle as much as possible. Paul McCartney has said he will take his family for a meal there.

I do believe Aldo was one of the chefs who supported The London Paper's campaign to get restaurants to switch to using only sustainable fish species and end the serving of severely threatened fish like blue fin tuna.

Just goes to show that not all celebrity chefs are bad. First Jamie Oliver and a few others have campaigned against the use of battery chickens, and now chefs are seeing the potential for new vegetarian customers. That's what I call progress.

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