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Perching here and gathering my thoughts ...

Think before you adopt pets

23 December 2008 ~ 11:29

I really appreciate when people give proper thought to adopting a pet. On a rat forum Im a member of, a young lady has been posting a countdown to the day she gets her first pet rats, from the day they were conceived to the day she could take them home. Shes obviously been planning this day for many years, but has waited until she has her own place and her own family, and her son is old enough to be taught proper handling and caring for the rats.

I really wish more people would be this responsible. Pets are living beings, not toys to be purchased one day and discarded the next. At Christmas especially I think it is worth reminding ourselves of our role as humans. Domestic animals are dependant on us for their needs, and should we take on pets, we should be prepared to put their needs before ours.

This is what I posted on my rat forum to the lady who, despite being desperate to become a ratty mummy, contained her excitement until the time was right for her.

You know I really admire people like you. You've wanted ratties for years, but you've waited until you could offer them a stable home. Too many people get rats without thought and then hand them over to rescues, or worse, dump them, for stupid reasons like 'My mum found out about them and said I can't have them,' or 'My landlord is threatening to kick me out unless I get rid of them.' Maybe I said that wrong, the reasons aren't stupid, what's stupid is that they gave these animals a home without checking that they were in a position to care for them for life. Rats are not a long term commitment like dogs and cats maybe, but for the two or three years they live, they are your responsibility and totally dependant on you. Well done for having the patience to wait until the time was right but never giving up on your dream, we're all gonna be so happy for you in two days' time!

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