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Perching here and gathering my thoughts ...

Piglet Escapes Blaze

31 August 2010 ~ 23:02

A little piglet was the only survivor of a recent huge blaze on a high intensity farm that killed 600 piglets and 168 sows. The tiny porker saved her bacon when she ran to the door of the piggery as the flames took hold. Another fire at the farm in February, (Northmoor in Lincolnshire) had already killed more than 2,000 pigs. Both blazes were caused by electrical faults.

This just goes to show that farmers that farm intensively cannot be trusted to look after their animals properly. Wouldn't you have thought that after the first catastrophy, the company would have had all their electrics thoroughly tested? They probably don't care about the pigs that died because they'll get a handsome insurance payout. If there was a fire on an old fashioned farm where pigs live in stys spaced at some distance from each other and with access to the outside, then not nearly so many critters would have perished.

Of course pig farming is cruel business. Pigs are very intelligent creatures but in these intensive farms they are given no stimulation and they must get so bored and frustrated. Even the food is exactly the same dry pellets every day. They are not even slaughtered when they are adults (3 years) but at a mere 6 months, the equivilant of toddlers.

I really hope the poor brave piglet survivor will be rehomed to an animal sanctuary. It's the least he deserves after his brave escape.

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