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Of pigs and polar bears

25 June 2008 ~ 12:59

I love this really sweet story of a pig’s will to survive. The pig was trapped in rubble in Sichuan Province after China’s recent catastrophic earthquake. His owner thought he was dead, and when soldiers came to clear the rubble under which the pig had been buried, he rushed to warn them in case of contamination from the corpse. All were amazed, however, when the plucky porker emerged from the ruins skinny but alive, having survived for a record-breaking 36 days on only rainwater and charcoal. He has now been bought by a museum and will be taken care of for the rest of his life. Locals have dubbed him ‘Strong pig’ and he is being hailed as a symbol of resilience in the wake of the disaster.


To counter balance this, a not-so-good story: It seems the Canadians are none too happy with the USA’s ban on the import of polar bear hides. Though the Americans are trying to protect an endangered species, their northern neighbours are bemoaning the loss of income in remote areas where trophy hunters spend a lot of money.

Sorry, but when polar bears are gone, they’re gone. People who live in areas so isolated they can only make a living out of the deaths of animals ought to perhaps think of moving to cities where they could get a less nefarious income. I’ve zero sympathy. The US in this instance is absolutely in the right.

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