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Polar bears in Nice

02 June 2010 ~ 13:10

Last Friday my mum, sister & I visited Marineland, near Nice, France while on holiday in Nice. Mum & I had been before but my sister hadn't.

There are two new residents at the park, polar bears Flocke & Rasputin. Flocke was hand raised by keepers at Nuremburg Zoo after concerns for her safety if left with her mother. Rasputin is a Russian bear who was brought up by his mother but moved to Nuremburg to help socialise Flocke with one of her own species.

The original plan was for Rasputin to go to Spain, but the bears got on so well that it was decided Flocke should be accompanied by her mate on her move to Marineland. It is hoped the bears will have cubs.

I was lucky enough to be only inches away from a swimming polar bear and took these great pics. I think the bear swimming is Rasputin as he seemed the bigger of the two. Their water is kept at a cool 14 degrees centigrade but hey, polar bears like it cold! Enjoy.

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