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Prague weekend

17 February 2010 ~ 13:45

On Saturday February 6th myself, Mark & Mum took a trip to the Czech capital, Prague. We had a great time as it's a very beautiful old city, almost like a fairytale in some places such as around the castle.

It was very cold and snowy in Prague and rather stupidly I was wearing fishnet tights and a mini skirt, totally inappropriate attire. I ended up buying a pair of ordinary flesh colour tights from a department store to wear underneath my fishnets. I also had to buy some ear muffs.

As this was a kind of early Valentine's Day trip, Mark bought me a cute plush Scratte (the girlfriend of prehistoric squirrel Scrat in the Ice Age 3 film) also from the department store. I think he wanted her for himself just as much as me!

As well Prague Castle, we visited Wenceslas Square and Tyn Church, both famous places in Prague. We rode the Metro and trams and I think we got a feel for the place. The Czechs didn't seem very cheerful but perhaps that's because it is so cold. Maybe they're better in the summer.

Here is a picture of me in front of St Vitus Cathedral.

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