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Perching here and gathering my thoughts ...

Roach regrets

17 November 2008 ~ 13:49

We've had a bit of a problem in the last week or so. An unwanted visitor has tried to set up home in our kitchen.

I first spotted a strange insect just over a week ago and immediately called Mark into the kitchen, excited that I had found an 'interesting' insect. To my horror, he knew right away that it was a cockroach! Now, I quite like cockroaches kept as pets, the Madagasgan hissing type. They are large and black and a bit beetle-like. This one was brown with long feelers.

The roach quickly scampered under the cooker hob (it's a fitted cooker) and disappeared. We didn't see him again for six days. That time, I put the light on and he again ran under the cooker hob. I went back to bed but couldn't settle with the thought of him running around, so I went back in and put the light on again. There he was!

I chased him around the cupboard doors and eventually managed to get him in a tea towel. I'm ashamed to say I killed him. I feel really bad about it.

Mark said afterwards that he'd have done the same and I had no choice. If I had, somehow, managed to put him outside without him escaping, he'd have immediately scuttled his way in again, or else he'd have died of the cold. But I still feel terrible.

However, the thought that there may be more roaches where he came from fills me (and Mark) with dread. We wonder if he came from the café downstairs. Perhaps they don't store their rice and flour securely enough. I've mentioned out little guest to the owner and she denied having a problem. I've lived there 14 years and never seen a roach in the flat before.

I really hope this is the last we see of roaches.

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