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Perching here and gathering my thoughts ...

A trip north of the border

21 August 2003 ~ 16:21

As if Mark and I haven't done enough travelling this year (or will have by year's end), yesterday I went and booked another little weekend jaunt, this time to north of the border in bonny Scotland.

Believe it or not, I've never, ever been there before. In fact, before this April, I hadn't been to any other part of the British Isles save England. I'd been to Europe and America, but not Scotland, Northern Ireland or Wales, despite having a Welsh grandmother on my dad's side.

We were going to try and 'do' Scotland next year, but I thought 'hell with it' when I saw flights for 56 each on the 'net (about $86) and the hotel for 20 each ($30). So I decided to treat Mark for his birthday at the beginning of November. My mum is coming too.

The place in Scotland we are going to is Edinburgh, the capital. I've heard plenty of good things about it. From Princes Street with its wonderful shops to the famous castle, it's full of culture, and our hotel is only a short walk away from the city centre. I can't wait to explore so I'm hoping it won't be too cold.

Mark reckons he's going to make sure he's safely ensconsed inside a shop at 1 p.m. when the castle cannons are fired, as they are every day. I think that's the only thing worrying him (he hates fireworks and suchlike).

I'm more worried that they'll try and serve me haggis for breakfast, me being a vegetarian and all. What on earth is a 'traditional scottish breakfast' anyway? Probably the same as an English breakfast, but of course they wouldn't want to call it that. The Scots are a proud people, and rightly so. They have a wonderful country and at last I'll get to see just a little of it.

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