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Perching here and gathering my thoughts ...

Save Shambo from slaughter

14 May 2007 ~ 11:49

Skanda Vale is a Hindu Temple in Wales. The temple has a herd of cattle and recently one of them, a bull named Shambo, tested positive for tuberculosis. The test means he might have, not definitely does have, TB. However, even if he does develop TB, he can be successfully treated for it, just like humans can. The monks have housed Shambo in his own stall, seperate from the rest of the herd, so that there is no risk of the disease spreading if he does have it.

However, the Welsh powers-that-be have decreed that Shambo must be killed. This is the usual over-the-top practice in these cases in a country where animals are often needlessly subjected to mass culling (thousands were killed during the 'Foot & Mouth Crisis even though animals can be vaccinated against foot & mouth and indeed are in many countries).

All animals are sacred to the Skanda Vale worshippers, and indeed cattle in particlar are sacred to Hindus. However the authorities don't seem to care about offending a whole religious community. It's a pity they can't be as politically correct over saving animal life for religious reasons as they are over allowing religious slaughter in the UK. In fact, Hindus and other believers in the sanctity of life all over the world have vowed if necessary, to form a human chain around Shambo.

If you would like to sign Shambos on-line petition please visit:


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