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Perching here and gathering my thoughts ...

Please help save squirrels’ lives!

06 June 2011 ~ 21:52

There are many lovely people who devote their lives to savings animals. One such lady is Karen Clark in Florida who rescues orphaned, injured and sick squirrels and cares for them until they can be released to the wild. If they cannot ever be released she cares for them permanently.

As you can imagine this is a hugely expensive undertaking. Recently, because of the economic downturn, donations have been slow in coming. This has led to a crisis whereby if funds are not made available soon, Karen will be forced to release squirrels who are as yet too young to be able to make it in the wild. She cannot keep these squirrels if she does not have the means to feed them. Already she has had to shut her doors to newcomers.

Please if you can spare a few dollars to donate via PayPal to Lovely Lita’s Sheltering Tree Foundation, every penny will help.

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