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New rat friends for Star

25 January 2007 ~ 09:53

As Fudge's death left Star an only rat, we have decided to get two new rats as companions for her. They are called Mary & Sapphire. These two were being sold as a 'breeding trio' with their brother and were pregnant at 6 weeks old. Poor lambs. Mary gave birth first, then Sapphire 4 days after. After a couple of days Sapphire rejected her litter, the rescuer was getting concerned as the babies were getting cold, but she came back later and Mary had taken on all 19 babies! (Hence her name, Mary, being a supermum at Xmas). Later, Sapphire took 3 babies back. Turns out Mary's litter were 14, Sapphire's 5.

We will collect them when we come back from France at the beginning of February. Mary is a mink hooded and Sapphire is a black hooded like Fudge. I do hope they and Star get on well.

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