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Perching here and gathering my thoughts ...

Sun's anti gay language

21 September 2010 ~ 16:38

In The Sunís coverage of the George Michael jail story, they refer to Michaelís long term partner as his Ďgay lover.í Now Iím not a very politically correct type person, but even I can see that the term is meant to be derogatory. Whatís wrong with just using the word partner or boyfriend? We know heís gay by the fact that both parties are men, and nobody refers to a straight personís partner as their Ďloverí unless that person is married or living with someone else and having an affair with said lover.

The whole thing goes to show that the typical Sun reader does not yet think gay relationships are quite acceptable. Until the paper learns to use normal terms to refer to gay couples Iím afraid they will continue to show themselves up as hopelessly behind the times.

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