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Dragon fun in Royal Windsor

05 May 2010 ~ 17:37

On 23rd April Mark & I went to Windsor for a couple of days. We stayed in a really cheap (19 - about $30) Travelodge hotel in nearby Slough. It was basic but very clean and modern.

Mark had never been to Windsor before and it just so happened that it was St George's Day (St George is the patron saint of England). There was a group of people dressed up in costume in celebration going around the streets near the castle. The girls were all wearing medieval dresses, two guys were dressed as knights and two others as green dragons.

Mark asked me to approach the group and ask if we could take a photo of them holding our two little plush dragons Tiny & Natick (we always take our little mascots with us when we travel). This is the photo:

Mark was ambilivent about going to Windsor in the first place, but actually he really liked the place and said he wouldn't mind going again. He especially like the vast Windsor Great Park. Here he is in front of the castle:

Even Slough, which has a reputation of being a bit of a dump, turned out to be OK. We found a huge Tesco hypermarket that we had fun shopping in. And best of all the weather was terrific for late April, warm and sunny.

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