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Christmas 2007

02 January 2008 ~ 17:32

This Christmas has been a merry one but very busy. Mark & I had both our mums to stay. Mine came on 23rd December and his on the 27th. Christmas Day was just Mark, my mum, me, the rabbit and the rats. I had bought Mark a watch with a red dragon on the face from the girls, and The Sopranos Series 5 on DVD from me. He bought me Evan Almighty on DVD from him and a nightdress with cartoon sheep on from the girls. We got Mum a pink digital camera from us and an Elvis tumbler from the girls. Molly the bunny got popcorn sticks from us and a rabbit stocking from Mum (her Nan) and the rats got mini chocolate bars from us and a rodent stocking from Mum.

When Barbara, Mark’s mother, arrived on the 27th, she brought more gifts for us all from his family. A red top for Mum, a black and green dress for me, a DVD of the fabulous rat film Ratatouille and a RedSox 2007 Champions DVD for Mark, a silver bracelet for me and a groovy reddish colour rat clock for both Mark & I. The girls got Yogies (yoghurt drops).

There was a bit of drama with Barbara as when we took her to the hotel she had booked, it turned out to be an absolute dive. No en-suite toilet, high up on the third floor with no lift, too small to swing a cat and very old and tatty-looking. She decided that even though she had paid to stay there, she just couldn’t bear it, so we had to find another hotel for her first couple of nights. We used The Comfort Inn by Victoria Station - where her and my father-in-law had stayed once before. I tell you, it seemed like a palace compared to the other place! And it was much more convenient too. After Jo, my mum went back home, Barbara came to stay in the flat.

Barbara, Jo & I visited Hampton Court which was nice, but windy and cold. We fed the geese, had tea in the café and checked out the souvenir shop. It is always a nice place to go around Christmas time. And Mark & I had plenty of opportunities to show his mom our favourite shows on DVD, such as Skippy, the kid’s show from 1968-69 Australia about an amazingly clever pet kangaroo who always saves the day, (rather like an Aussie ‘Flipper.’)

We also went shopping in Bromley together one day over the Holidays, and Mark went skating on the ice rink near The Glades Shopping Centre. Unfortunately, he had a bit of a mishap when he fell over and a little girl ploughed into him and fell on her back. She was very upset and Mark felt terrible even though he had been skating slowly and sensibly and it was really just an accident. I think it put him off skating a bit, and his bottom is still a bit bruised!

Here’s to a happy 2008!

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