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Perching here and gathering my thoughts ...

Killer chefs

30 July 2008 ~ 11:13

You know I am getting very fed up of these so-called ‘celebrity chefs’ appearing on TV to promote their own anti-vegetarian agenda. We all know where meat comes from, so why the need to show graphic scenes of slaughtering? One of the culprits, self-confessed foul-mouth Gordon Ramsay, seems to take great delight in letting his own children raise animals as pets, and then be forced to eat them!

Marco Pierre White, another veggie-hater, recently cooked squirrel on his programme. The announcer warned before the show aired that it ‘features scenes of a squirrel cull which some viewers may find distressing.’ No duh! If you need to put a warning before you show something on TV, that really says it all.

Gordon Ramsay famously said that vegetarians were not welcome at his restaurant, and in his show cooked veal for ‘Eight vegetarians who want to eat meat again.’ One wonders exactly what he was trying to accomplish by doing this. To prove that some vegetarians go back to eating meat? Of course they do, every day of the week, just as lots of carnivores become life-long vegetarians every day of the week. I mean if you’re going to cook a meat dish, why not just cook it for meat-eaters? Why do they have to be ex-vegetarians?

I’ve never been one to watch cookery programmes anyway but when these animal slaughtering shows come on TV I reach straight for the off button. Next maybe they should feature abattoir workers becoming chefs. Nothing would surprise me here.

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