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Perching here and gathering my thoughts ...

Breeze 2nd May 2009 to 2nd Feb 2011

07 February 2011 ~ 09:31

We had to say goodbye to our beautiful little girl Breeze in the early hours of Wednesday 2nd February. She had been suffering from a large lump around her private parts which had grown rapidly and laterly become infected. We kept Breeze going as long as we could but the skin 'died' and went black where the infection was affecting it, and the Saturday before, it had split away from the rest of the skin and come open.

The opening was very nasty and got bigger. Breeze was still eating and drinking and was on pain meds and antibiotics, but about 1am Wednesday morning I checked on her and she seemed slightly different. She reached down through the bars, grabbed some litter and tried to eat it. I thought maybe the infection was starting to confuse her.

We rushed Breeze to the vets and he said we could maybe keep her going a couple more days but once the infection took hold she'd start to feel very unwell. He agreed that ending it then was best so Breeze would never have to feel terrible.

On the examining table I gave her a lid full of my Pepsi Max and she drank it by dipping her hand into it and licking it off, as rats do. She seemed OK, and we had her sedated before the euthanasia injection. She went very peacefully and felt no pain.

Courcelles is doing OK without her sister as she has the newbies Lilac & Feather, but we miss Breeze terribly.

Here she is licking Mark's fingers for some wine:

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