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A Gene Hunt classic

07 April 2010 ~ 12:05

TV Series ĎLife on Marsí featured a contemporary detective who had an accident and went back in time to 1973. The drama featured a character named Gene Hunt, a rough-and-ready 70s cop with a no-nonsense attitude, a kind of antidote to the politically correct modern era. Hunt, the boss of the time-travelling detective Sam Tyler, had a huge repertoire of one-liners that were absolutely hilarious, such as ĎHeís got fingers in more pies than a leper in a cookery class.í

Huntís character carried over into the sequel to Life on Mars, ĎAshes to Ashes,í where a woman detective, Alex Drake, is shot and goes back in time to the early 80s. Both shows feature the music of the era in which they are set.

In the most recent episode of Ashes to Ashes, Hunt came out with the funniest line Iíve yet heard him utter, so brilliant itís why Iím writing about it here. Referring to colleague Ray he said ĎAnd Ray, if you ever come into my office again dressed like a maths teacher, Iíll paint your balls the colour of hazelnuts and tell a bag o squirrels winterís comin.í


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